The Music Studio on Trufo Street Candle - 2

The Music Studio on Trufo Street Candle - 2

Lola James Harper
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'Trufo Studio is a music recording studio in Paris where we worked all our albums… Those of Ulona Hooman, Karima Adams, Call Box, Casual Fly and recently Billy Hell… The studio is at the top floor of an old Parisian building built in 1870. It is just under the roof of the building so we can still see the old oak beams. The place is filled with African and oriental percussions, with a silver drum kit, and a load of electric and acoustic guitars. We love this place to create, compose and write songs.' (Lola James Harper)

Natural Ingredients:

Amyris - West indies

Texas Cedar - USA

Rose - Turkey

Orris - Italia

Incense – Somalia

Size: 190g Made in France

Product notes:

The wax is a mix of mineral and vegetal (sunflower and coco wax)

The wick is made of cotton

The candles contain no animal derived ingredients (meeting IFRA Standards + Washington Convention / C.I.T.I.E.S Standards)

70% of the paper box packaging has been made of recycled paper (and 100% recyclable)