Small Sustainable Steps - Part One

As a small independent business we have a certain amount of freedom to alter and improve our everyday habits in order to move towards a more earth-kind operation but there is always more we can do. Over the years we've put into motion some much needed changes - starting from the way we package our orders to the way we recycle our waste. We invest in labels that are environmentally progressive (and challenge those label's who haven't yet got the memo.) We are far from where we want to be but we are definitely pointing in the right direction. Questioning how and where things are made is just the beginning...

Over the next month we thought we'd highlight (and applaud) some of our favourite designers and makers who are doing their bit and paving the way for progress. First up, Organic Basics, Bare Bones, Allsea, Oh, James, Tanaka and eco-pioneers, Veja.

Organic Basics

Sustainable fabrications / Ethical production / Only partnering with factories who are working to minimise their environmental footprint.

Bare Bones 

Small batch makers / Hand wrapped in vegware compostable sheets / Boxes made from recycled coffee cups. 


UK sourced fabrics / Small runs / Locally produced / Delivered by hand / No packaging - zero waste.

Oh, James

Small batch producer / Using 100% non-GMO natural soy wax and 100% cotton wicks / Hand-delivered on foot by the maker himself.


Small batch producer / No parabens, no synthetics, no palm oil / Just 100% Natural ingredients / Hand wrapped in compostable toxic free glassine paper.


100% Transparency in production / Uses organic, recycled and repurposed materials and chrome free leather / Championing fair trade practices.