Hub Meets Laura Villisenin of Miista Shoes

Miista shoes have certainly made an entrance in Hub this Spring.

Founded in 2010 by London College of Fashion graduate Laura Villasenin, Miista shoes have reached iconic status as one of the most exciting brands to emerge from East London’s fashion scene. Designed in Dalston and handcrafted in Alicante, Miista draws on rural Spanish nostalgia and modernity, creating wearable off beat collections, utilising the very best materials and skilled craftsmanship of Alicante.

This week, we are thrilled to talk shoes with Galicia-born, founder and designer, Laura Villasenin...

miista shoes - laura villasenin

Describe Miista in 3 words.

'Creativity, Collaboration, Craftsmanship'

What can we expect from the Miista SS19' collection? 

'SS19 explores an unintentional collection of interesting and common objects, in search of something that is impressively unique: the simple joy of human connection through tactile objects and their stories. Objet Trouvé is a place where you see yourself holding onto something unusual, interested in its technique, materials and process; an antidote to the disposable, the prescribed and the meaningless.'

miista marina shoes

What would be the soundtrack of your life? 

'I have a soundtrack for every moment of the day, and every day is different.'

What do you love most and love least about your work? 

'What I like least is filing my expenses and any kind of admin. My favourite part is the product design process.'

If you didn't do this job, what would you do? 

'I'd probably follow some of my other passions: furniture and interior design or vintage collecting.'

What are the oldest and newest pair of shoes you own?

'Newest pair is Eivissa - Black Mix. Oldest - a Victorian flat square toe ballerina shoe.'

miista eivissa

                             What book is on the bedside at the moment?                                                                               

'Life 3.0, being human in the age of artificial intelligence by Max Tegmark.'

What are you most excited about this season? 

'The launch of our Miista bags.'

What are your 3 favourite local haunts in East London?

'Morito for excellent tapas, Earth for music and Whitechapel Gallery for a stroll.'

What would be your advice to your younger self? 

'Don't sweat the small stuff.'

If you could dress an icon in Miista shoes, who would you dress? 

'I don't have any specific style icons, what still makes me excited is seeing stylish strangers wearing Miistas in their individual way.
But there are women that I highly admire through their achievements, personality and contribution. It would be an honour to see them wearing Miista.' ♥