Hannah has been a quiet trailblazer of ethically made clothing since 2008 when she said adios to a career in fast fashion and began making her 8 signature organic undyed tees. Starting tiny but with a mighty sense of purpose, Hannah continued to put ethics and sustainability at the beating heart of her label - Beaumont Organic.
Working from the ground floor of a beautiful Victorian townhouse in Manchester's Northern Quarter, Beaumont Organic has grown a pretty loyal fan base, presenting two beautifully considered ready-to-wear collections each year. Using 100% natural fabrics - recycled yarns, GOTS certified organic cotton and traditionally spun Italian linen - transparency is everything to this label. Where things are made. And how. 
Having re-introduced the brand into our SS23' edit, we thought we'd catch up with wonder behind the work, Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia.
Where did it all begin? 

'In 2008 I founded Beaumont Organic from my parents spare bedroom with a clear goal - to be the global destination for organic and ethical luxury. I wanted then (and still do now) to create beautiful conscious clothing that not only looked and felt amazing but was also made in a way that would make you proud to talk about... Clothing that was respecting the people and the environment.'
In such a competitive and discerning market, what would you say are the defining elements of your label?

'Contemporary, timeless clothing. No brand will ever be 100% sustainable – we are producing - so it is impossible. But if you make high quality clothing, that is also timeless, the piece will stand the test of time. 
Amongst our clean contemporary lines you will find ‘Beaumont’ signature nods of contrasting fabrics, strong print and oversized silhouettes which is what I think, stands us apart on the rails.'
What are your personal highlights from this SS23' collection?

'The collection feels very close to my heart. I was very hands on in the design & production process and it was all shot and inspired by the Algarvian beaches in Portugal - a special place where I spent holidays as a teen, a place where I met and married my now husband.
My favourite piece has to be the cheesecloth Chaya top and skirt. I absolutely love them.'
What keeps you inspired? 

'Travel is a huge inspiration for me, and by this I don’t just mean big holidays. It can be a walk to the park. As a creative I see ideas all over the place.'
What is the trickiest aspect of running your own business?

'LOL – where to start. I think the general logistics of having so many different parts on the go at the same time… design, production, marketing, op’s, sales, staff…. I have a team of 12 so of course I don’t do all these things myself but I am still very involved in all areas of the business on a daily basis.' 

Manchester is the home of Beaumont Organic. What do you love most about your town? If you sent us a postcard, what would it say? 

'Manchester is home for me. I grew up here so it felt like the right place to home Beaumont. The people are super friendly, everyone wants to help and support each other. The restaurants, in our village at least (Didsbury) are all run by independents. From our Northern Quarter HQ, I can pop across to Feel Good Café  for matcha with my poodle lola and Ezra and Gill for lunch.
Honestly I love where I live and work. I'm very grateful!'

What would go in a Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia Easter break suitcase? 

'Definitely my Chiya top and skirt.
My five minute journal – I don’t go anywhere without it. 
My nude MAC lipstick – I don’t really wear makeup but a lippy is always handy.
A hairband – essential. I have unruly hair and my Angela Mason hair bands go everywhere with me. 
Pillow spray – another essential. I like my room to smell nice.'

What 3 tracks would make the soundtrack to your life?

'Definitely At Last by Etta James. It was the first dance at our wedding but as a very persistent and committed person I think it's more than just a love song.  Ajeet Kaur – I do a lot of yoga and meditation so this song represents that part of me. Oh and Happy by Pharrell Williams.'

Do you have a motto or mantra you try to live by?

'If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.'
(My mum said this to me as a child growing up with dyslexia and it really stuck with me.)

What would be your 3 nuggets of advice for anyone starting their own label?

'Have a clear goal and vision – stick to it and surround yourself by people who lift you up and cheer you on.'

What are you most thankful for right now?

'Where I am today – the business and team I have created. And my family and friends. 
2022 was for personal reasons a really hard year. We lost some very special people and I am more grateful than ever for everyone who is around me and the life I have created.'