Hub Meets Claire Holland (featuring Yoga on the Lane X Sideline)

You may well recognise Claire from Hub - our beautiful Cornish-born siren; merchandiser in residence, owner of Lottie the dog, lover of all things obscure and the best listener (and impersonator) on the block. We love this woman from the inside out so it came as no surprise when Claire decided to forge a path for herself as a therapist specialising in reflexology and deep tissue massage.
Over the past five years Claire has established herself as a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner working from her tranquil little home studio in Hitchin, The Well Garden in Hackney, Neal's Yard in Borough Market and most recently, Yoga on the Lane.
This week we popped into YOTL to chat about life, therapy, work (and nice clobber).
Tell us about your personal journey to becoming a reflexologist and massage therapist?
I have always been interested in natural medicine as a more holistic way of treating the body. It felt really right to study reflexology - almost like I was always meant to do it!
I always want to add to my practice, enhance what I can offer my clients - so I did. I went on to study Fertility and Maternity Reflexology and then Sports Massage. In this work you are learning new things every day, researching and checking yourself and questioning your practice. I always want to grow.
What do you love most about what you do?
I love bridging the gap between general medicine... Trying to treat the cause before the symptom. Often you just need to listen to your body. Humans need a safe place to let go and truly relax and I think the power of touch is incredible. I love creating that space.
What is the most rewarding and most challenging aspect of your work?
Most rewarding... seeing a client transform. It's so wonderful.
Most challenging would be witnessing peoples' pain. It's sometimes hard to switch off.
What or who inspires you?
Music inspires me. I find it fascinating how people reinvent sound over and over and where this comes from within us.
What makes you happy?
The sea! I miss it and love it so much.
What relaxes you?
Being in nature.
What would you write on a post-it note to your younger self?
You can do it. Don’t give up!
On that same note, do you have a mantra or motto that you try to live by?
Enjoy today. Look around you and what you have. You are doing a good job.
What 3 tracks would make your life soundtrack?
Heron - Yellow Roses
Anne Briggs - Go Your Way
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat
Since I’ve known you, you’ve always loved clothes and fashion and had your own unique little style. How has your style changed over the years?
There is so much creativity in clothes. When designers have a vision and you can actually wear a piece - it's like wearing art. I think a lot of peoples' style changes with time and day to day life. I tend to go for more practical things especially for therapy work as you do tend to get covered in oil! I have always loved LF Markey and Meadows... I love the cuts on my body shape as I have got older. They are practical but you still feel great in them. I also love Sideline for their shapes, amazing fabrics and detailing. I love the ethos of the company. Oh, and maybe a bit of Ganni for a rare night out!
What are you thankful for right now?
My health.
What are you hopeful for right now?
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