If you hadn't already got the memo, there's a new kid on the block.
Our beloved shop at number 88 Stoke Newington Church Street (formerly known as yours truly) has a new name, a new owner, a beautiful and thoughtful interior and a brilliantly coherent edit of menswear apparel and lifestyle offerings.

This is ARRAY.

It's time to meet the wonderful man (and friend) behind the counter, Shane Kingdon. 

How did you arrive at the name ARRAY?
ARRAY was one of my first ideas, but I dabbled around with other possibilities before settling back with it. It’s simple meaning just sat right; to clothe, to display and to arrange. My joys for the job, wrapped up in one word.

Describe ARRAY in 3 words.
Relaxed, Considered, Purposeful.

What's been the most joyous thing about starting your own business?

Feeling supported in my decisions by the positivity and faith of my friends and family (and being able to keep a few sneaky beers in the office fridge!)

And the most challenging?
Being vulnerable - at such a difficult time in retail and our lives in general. Relying on my determination to pull me through the moments of doubt has been hard. We can all have an inner saboteur. Knowing when to tell those voices to ‘be quiet’ has been key.

What are your top 3 ARRAY must-haves?
The classic Armor Lux Callac tee. It's the perfect boxy shape and in a heavier fabric that doesn’t warp... Cushions made from mid-century Turkish Kilim rugs and finally KLEEN soap - updated old school soap-on-a-rope. With names like Woodstock and Yellow Mellow they hark back to nostalgic times with simpler ideals.

What's in store for Autumn?
For those who knew the brand mix at HUB menswear you’ll see the return of a few great brands like FOLK and YMC. But I'm also excited to be welcoming Country of Origin for some great British made knitwear. 

What do you most love/cherish about your neighbourhood (Church Street) right now?
Pre-Covid there was a lot of doubt about the survival of our shopping streets. Witnessing the fragility of Church Street and the High Street throughout the spring months was difficult in the face of starting my own company. But seeing how local businesses changed their mandates to survive the lockdown and support local residents reiterated to us all  how much local businesses are a ‘heart’ in the community. Seeing this, revived my love and respect for those businesses and also for the customers who decided to shop and spend locally. We are in this together - without each other we could simply cease to be. 

Shop in-store at ARRAY or online HERE.

And Big Love to all the local independents out there, to the young and the old timers.
Long may we survive and thrive.

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