Fracap make boots like no-one else. Since crafting their very first pair in 1908, the family of Cappello have continued to produce their iconic Fracap boots from the very same spot in Puglia. Fracap is more than a brand. It's a family. 

Fracap are artisans and each style we stock in Hub is bespoke. In our appointments, we work with Fracap to develop the perfect boot for Autumn - combining our own choice of leather, sole, lining and lace. For guys we picked some classics - the Magnifico M120 and the Monkey R200.

Magnifico M120 in Black Leather / Beige Sole


Monkey R200 in Nebraska Leather / Black Sole


For girls we couldn't resist off-roading a little...

Magnifico M120 in White Leather / White Sole

Magnifico M120 in Navy Leather / Beige Sole