BACK TO SCHOOL (by Georgie and Lou.)

September always fills us with nostalgia - a Back to School feeling that returns
with the changing of the season. The weather brings fresher days, cooler evenings, end of summer light and new beginnings.
This September feels more poignant than ever - a new school year with new rules, starting University, returning (or not) to the office, and in some cases, finding new work. It's been an incredibly tough few months but we have arrived at September and just like our very first day of school - we are excited, nervous, uncertain but forward looking.
To mark this time we thought we would have some portraits taken with our daughters. 
Connie who is 9 will be returning to school after 5 months off and is incredibly excited to be back in the classroom again and seeing friends. Ellie has recently graduated and is ready to start a new job - a whole new life chapter in an altered world.

We wanted to reach out to all those families whose children are going back to school after this long period of time and to those families who will be continuing to home-school.
Whatever your situation, we wish you all the best and hope your children, young adults and of course, you, will be happy and well and stay strong.
Much love,
Georgie and Lou.